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Translational Symposium

ESB Translational Symposium

Junior Scientists including PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows must look beyond academia… Global figures are hard to come by, but only 3-4% of PhD students in the United Kingdom will land a permanent staff position at a university. It is only slightly better in the United States. Simply put, most PhD students need to make plans for a life outside academic science (Nature 550, 429; 26 October 2017; doi:10.1038/550429a).

In other words, PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows should have a broader view of their career and may consider and prepare also towards job positions in industry. We invite you during the Translational Symposium @ ESB2018 in Maastricht to share any of your ideas or concepts that may be transformed into a marketable product. Do not feel intimidated, but challenged! What can be presented starts just from a simple idea (Technology Readiness Level; TRL 1/2) to a concept that has matured to a higher level or even to an actual proof of concept (TRL 4/5).

What should be shared is an abstract for which you find the template enclosed, describing the background of the idea/concept, its answer(s) to identified unmet needs, a critical analysis of what is lacking and needed for the maturation of the idea/concept, the methodology and needs for its commercial development and expectations of the idea/concept when it will come to the market. Please send your abstract before May 30 to dr. Peter Dubruel via

Selected abstracts will be invited for 5 min. elevator pitches, followed by interaction with pitch chairs and possibly the floor, for advice and recommendations. All ‘pitchers’ will receive guidance by the Elevator Pitch Reviewers for preparation of their pitch (via e-mail, teleconference call) prior to the ESB2018 event.

Abstract template