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Keynote Speakers

Dr. Moyo Kruyt

UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands 

Dr Moyo Kruyt Graduated medicine 1999 and started with a PhD project on bone Tissue engineering that was finalized in 2003 at the UMC Utrecht “Tissue engineering of bone: the applicability of cell based strategies” prof C van Blitterswijk and Prof A Verbout After his thesis he did his orthopedic training including a trauma fellowship in Cape Town and a spine fellowship in Utrecht. During his residency he continued regenerative bone research and was the co-promotor of several PhD students. After the orthopedic training, he continued his academic career at the UMC Utrecht and initiated a large randomized clinical trial on a ceramic bone graft substitute. Recently a similar clinical trial has been started to compare a bioactive ceramic to autologous bone for spinal fusion. In addition he is involved in etiological research on scoliosis and he developed a new treatment for pediatric spinal deformities that is the subject of several ongoing clinical trials. Currently his group consists of postdocs and PhD students both working on regenerative bone strategies and pediatric spine implants. Above all he is a dedicated spine surgeon, trying to help patients with extreme deformities.

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