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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Xiang Zhang

University of California, United States of America

Prof. & Dr. Xiang Zhang, Principal Consultant at Lucideon and Royal Society Industry Fellow of University of Cambridge, has over 36 years combined academia (18 years) and industrial (18 years) experience in advanced materials science and technology, an expert in polymer and polymeric hybrid materials sciences. As a materials scientist, he is passionate on “Science for Industry “, a new mission of the Royal Society, and believes fundamental but applied sciences are the keys to industry R&D and problem solving. Prof. Zhang is also Head of the Lucideon Cambridge School of Advanced Materials and Head of Medical Materials and Devices. He is the author of three books “Inorganic Biomaterials”, “Inorganic Controlled Release Technology” and “Science and Principles of Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Medical Polymers - Materials and Properties”. Prof. Zhang undertook his PhD and postdoctoral research at Cranfield University where he studied materials physics and nano/micro-mechanics and nano/micro-fracture mechanics of polymeric hybrid (organic and inorganic) materials. After spending a further four years on research for industrial applications, he was awarded an industrial fellowship at the University of Cambridge in 1995, where he carried out research on fundamental nano-mechanics and fracture mechanics, he was the first scientist who completed the study on ductile to brittle transitions of , which employed synchrotron SAXS, WAXS (wide angle and small angel X-ray scattering) to study in situ deformation and fracture down to nanometre scales, the results of which lead to completion of ductile to brittle transition theories and practice. Prof. Zhang’s industry experience was gained in leading international healthcare companies, where, as Principal Scientist/Technologist, his work covered almost all aspects of medical materials and devices from R&D and manufacturing to technical services and QC. Prior to joining Lucideon, Prof. Zhang worked as Director of a technology company, in the field of nano-conductive materials and diagnostic medical devices.

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