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Satellite Symposia


Wound care by design; biomaterials in action

Organizer: Interreg 2Seas DERMA Project

Date: Thursday September 13th
Room:  Room 0.4
Price: Free of charge

The DERMA project (Design of Enabling Regenerative Materials) is designing and developing innovative technologies for the prevention and management of chronic dermal wounds with a special focus on elderly people and diabetics. Our work is expected to provide both social and economic benefits for the 2 Seas region (


Time Dissemination talks 
13.40 hrs. Andrew Hook: High throughput methods for the discovery of novel biomaterials: exploring the biological-material interface
14.00 hrs. Rachel Forss: Wound Care & Ulceration: The Clinical Challenge. 
14.20 hrs.           Karel Claes: Different wound dressings in the plastic surgery department and burn centre of Ghent University Hospital. 
14.40 hrs. Gilles Brackman: Advanced skin and wound care: Taking into account the complexity of the wound. 
15.00 hrs. Matteo Santin: To be announced shortly!
15.30 hrs. Stakeholder networking reception
17.00 hrs. End of programme