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Young Scientist Forum

The Young Scientists Forum of the European Society for Biomaterials represents all early-career researchers of the ESB. The aims and objectives of the YSF are to:
Promote biomaterials education and training in Europe at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
Provide a forum for communication between all those interested in biomaterials
Encourage collaborations within the biomaterials European community
Provide meetings to encourage the dissemination of information relating to education and careers in matters related to biomaterials

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During the ESB2018 conference, YSF will organize another interactive workshop that is aimed at discussing biomaterials education and training in Europe as well as research opportunities in the field.

YSF Workshop: “How to publish journal articles''

Sunday September 9, 
14:00-18:00 Room 0.4/0.5

Dr. Neil Hammond, Royal Society of Chemistry.

The YSF workshop aims at promoting biomaterials education and training in Europe, emphasizing the existing and emerging career, as well as research opportunities in the field. Discussion is fostered by creating an interactive environment amongst participants, thereby promoting an enriching discussion on topics that concern everyone active in Biomaterials. Furthermore, YSF encourages and provides opportunities for collaboration within the biomaterials European community.

YSF: “An interactive guide to good science writing”

Tuesday September 11,
16:00-17:30 Room 2.9/2.10

Dr. Neil Hammond, Royal Society of Chemistry.
A special interactive session, providing insight into the guiding principles behind good scientific writing. The session will cover rules for the structuring of journal articles, along with practical advice on the most common errors to avoid, demonstrated through examples. Attendees are encouraged to bring along their current/latest work to receive tailored feedback. In order to facilitate direct feedback on an individual basis, attendance will be limited to 15 persons.

Julia Polak European Doctorate Awards:
Requirements to apply for Julia Polak European Doctorate Awards

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